Pension 1-2-3: layer 1

Through your employer you accrue pension with PPF APG. This is laid down in your collective labor agreement (‘CAO’). In this ‘Pension 1-2-3’ you can read what you will and will not receive in our pension scheme. This is important to know, for example if you change jobs. Pension 1-2-3 does not contain any personal information about your pension. You can find that information on, on your annual Uniform Pension Overview (‘UPO’) and on My PPF APG.

What you will find in layer 1, 2 en 3

Pension 1-2-3 consists of 3 layers. In the first layer, you briefly read the important information about your pension scheme. In layer 2 (Dutch) you will find more information about all topics in layer 1. And in layer 3 (Dutch) you will find legal and policy information from PPF APG. 

Please note that only layer 1 is available in English. Layer 2 en 3, the links in this article and the legal documents are all in Dutch. For more detailed information about your pension scheme you can contact your HR department. 

This is layer 1.

Are you retiring? Then you will receive an old-age pension. You will receive that retirement pension when you turn 67.

Read more about old-age pension


In case you decease when you are accruing pension at PPF APG, your partner will receive partner’s pension. Your children receive an orphan's pension.
Read more about partner’s pension
Read more about orphan’s pension


Are you (partially) incapacitated for work? In certain cases, your pension accrual can continue for the part that you are incapacitated for work. You do not pay a premium for this. You may also be entitled to an invalidity pension for that part.
Read more about invalidity pension


You want to know exactly what our pension scheme offers you?
View the pension scheme

Are you leaving APG? Then your partner and children will receive less or no pension in case you decease. You can make other choices.


You accrue pension in three ways:
A. AOW: you receive this pension from the government. You can read more about the AOW on the website of the Sociale Verzekeringsbank.
B. Pension with PPF APG. You build up this pension via your employer. This is what Pension 1-2-3 is about.
C. Pension that you arrange yourself. For example with a life insurance or bank savings.
These three ways are called the ‘three pillars’. Read more about the three pillars


Every year you build up a part of your pension. The pension that you build up in this way is the sum of all those pieces. On your retirement date, you will receive this pension for as long as you live. This is called an average salary scheme or in Dutch a ‘middelloon regeling’.
Read more about average salary scheme


You accrue part of your pension annually. You don't do that over your entire gross salary. In 2021, you will not accrue pension over € 14.544,00. This "threshold amount" (or "franchise") is roughly equal to the AOW benefit that you receive from the government from your AOW-retirement age. You accrue 1.738% pension annually over the gross wages minus the threshold amount.
Read more about pension accrual


You pay contributions for your pension every month. Your employer does that too. With PPF APG you pay 1/3 of the premium and your employer 2/3. You can find the premium that you pay yourself on your payslip.
Read more about premium distribution

Have you accrued pension elsewhere? You can transfer your previously accrued pension to PPF APG.
Read more about value transfer


Pension plans differ from each other. With the help of Pensioenvergelijker (Pension Comparator) you can see what these differences are. And what you will and will not get. This may be a reason to make additional (pension) plans. Are you considering a value transfer from your old pension fund to your current one? The Pension Comparator can help you to compare both pensions.


You accrue pension on your gross salary up to € 112.189,00. Is your salary higher? You can choose to participate in our net pension scheme.
Read more about our net pension scheme


Do you want to exchange (part of your) old age pension for extra partner's pension for your partner? This is possible when you retire or when you leave your employment.
Read more about exchanging old age pension for partner's pension


Do you want to exchange (part of) the accumulated partner's pension for extra old age pension for yourself? This is possible when you retire.
Read more about exchanging partner's pension


Do you want to retire sooner or later? You must request this 3 months before the wanted start date.
Read more about retiring earlier or later


Do you want to start with a higher or lower pension? Please indicate this in your pension application.
Read more about a higher or lower pension on retirement


Do you want to see all the options? All other choices for personal events can be found in layer 2 of this Pension 1-2-3.

The amount of your pension on retirement is not fixed. Your pension may not be able to grow with wage developments in the current collective labor agreement. PPF APG has to deal with risks such as:

  • People are getting older on average. We therefore have to pay the pension for a longer period.
  • Low interest rates make pension more expensive. PPF APG therefore needs more money to be able to make the same pension payout.
  • The results of our investments may be disappointing.

Read more about the risks


We try to let your pension grow every year along with the wages in the current collective labor agreement. This is called indexation. This is only possible if PPF APG's financial situation is good enough. Below you can see how we have indexed the pensions for participants in recent years:


 indexationwage development

* The pensions have been indexed on January 1 of the following year. For example: on January 1, 2019, the pensions were indexed with 0.66% and on January 1, 2016 with 0.20%.

Read more about indexation


If we have a shortage, we take one or more of these measures, if necessary:

  • Your pension does not grow with the increase in wages.
  • The premium will go up.
  • Your pension will go down. We only do this when all of the above is not enough to fill the gap. Your pension has not decreased in recent years.

Read more about shortage

PPF APG incurs the following costs to run the pension scheme:

  • Costs for administration.
  • Costs for asset management.

Read more about costs

If you change jobs. You can transfer your previously accrued pension to your new pension provider.
Read more about value transfer


If you become incapacitated for work. Your pension accrual may continue or you may be entitled to an invalidity pension.
Read more about invalidity pension


If you have or enter into a cohabitation agreement. Please let us know.
Read more about cohabitation


If you terminate a cohabitation agreement. Please let us know.
Read more about terminating co habitation agreement


When you take an unpaid leave.
Read more about unpaid leave


If you move abroad. Do you live abroad? Then you must provide us with certain information such as a marriage or divorce.
Read more about moving abroad


When you become unemployed. You have the option to continue your pension accrual yourself under certain conditions.
Read more about unemployment


Review how much you have built up in total on


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